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Tutorial - How to Convert Photo to Video?

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Bringing certain moments to life is what we would want to do when it comes to dealing with those photos that are in storage media or folders. Thankfully though, Free Photo to Video Converter a free solution available to make those moments immortalized with ease. It is designed to create a dynamic video from your beloved photos in just a few clicks to show off with your friends.

Step 1. Input Pictures

After launching Free Photo to Video Converter, Click "Step1: Add Pictures" to select photos or images you want to convert. The selected ones will be displayed in the task list. To change their order, just drag and drop those pictures to the wanted place. To delete pictures from the list, use "Clear". To view the detailed info of the picture, left click it and you can see the details like file type, dimensions, color map count and color.

Input Pictures

Step 2. Add Audio

If needed, you can add background music to your video by "Step2: Add Audio". In the popped up window, choose the audio file and click "Open". If you just want to create silent video, skip this step.

Add Audio

Step 3. Set Delay Time, Bitrate, Transition & Frame Rate/Size

To specify how long the pictures and transitions delay, just enter the numbers in "Pictures delay (seconds)" and "Transitions delay (seconds)" boxes. If you check "Random effects", random transition effects will be applied between each picture. It's adjustable for both frame rate (30/1; 25/1; 15/1) and Frame size. To control the output quality of the video, just choose a value from "Bitrate". You can also check "Break when no pictures" and the slideshow will stop when all pictures are displayed. To preview the created video during the conversion process, check "Preview while encoding".

Set Delay Time, Transition & Frame Rate/Size

Step 4. Convert Picture into Video

Click "Step3: Choose Output" to choose an output folder and the video file will be saved in the name of "Pictures_Video". You can also specify any other name as needed and then click "Start" to start conversion. To stop or pause the conversion, click "Stop"/"Pause" and to continue the process, use "Resume". When the conversion is completed, just find the created video in the specified output folder.

Convert Picture into Video

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